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A lot has happened in the past year, so let's see if we can't get everyone up-to-date.

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The Rock The Ice Show in Peterborough January 2010 was a huge success - so huge in fact that we are returning to Peterborough this January 2011 but also adding a few more cities to our schedule so we can bring our unique approach to skating entertainment to more of Ontario. Along with Peterborough, we're stopping in Cornwall, North Bay, Sarnia, and Kitchener.

I am so happy to be working with Daniel Weiss and Spotlight Productions again on this tour, and as I've done my entire career, this show will be a step away from the usual.

The Rock the Ice Show boasts an international cast of skaters, skaters who love to entertain the crowd, skaters who love their craft... skaters who simply love to skate. Our 'street party' approach to our show will bring out the kid in all of us and entertain the adult we've become. From acrobatic acts to lyrical beauty to fist-pumping entertainment - the Rock The Ice Show will truly leave you wanting more.

Also, on this tour I'll be singing one of the songs from my CD live.

Come check out The Rock The Ice Show at: www.rocktheicetour.com

This year was another milestone for me, a milestone that I've waited for since I was old enough to fall in love. In June of this year, I took the greatest leap of my life - not a quad combo, not a back flip, no axel, or arabian... no this leap was a leap of love and faith - I married Gladys Orozco... a woman who took my hand, stole my heart, and loves me for who I am. I am so very proud to walk the rest of my life path hand in hand with this angel on earth... Also, Gladys will be skating to my song '100 Lifetimes' as I sing it live in the Rock The Ice Show.

If you want other ways to see what I'm doing, my facebook page is up as well so people can follow me there as well as on twitter: http://twitter.com/Therealestojko

Fear Less & Hope More,